Vancouver and Vancouver Island by photos

The old adage says that a picture is worth a thousand words. Since we have some several thousand words of blog posts we really should have written about the fabulous places we saw in our first month in Canada, we decided a look at our pick of the very best photos we took might just do the trick…


Our port of arrival, we stayed for a week to get our bearings and returned twice more to soak in culture and food after our trips to Whistler and to the island.

Vancouver Island

We spent just over a week on Vancouver Island and during that time we went to our first National Park (Pacific Rim), saw some massive trees, almost drowned in a bog, visited a lovely friend of a friend, swam in the Pacific, celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday and all in all had an awesome time. We also went on a small side trip to a bear-free Newcastle Island.

Newcastle Island photos:


Pacific Rim (Ucluelet & Tofino) photos:


Duncan and Victoria photos:

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