We are Dave and Aleks – together that makes Daleks. We’re nothing to do with any robot-like Sci-Fi villains you may have heard of. We’re traveling here and there and blogging about some of our experiences.


David comes from the small, but beautiful city of Cambridge, UK. He was almost called Nelson, as he was born shortly after Mandela was released from prison. He loves music and talking about politics. He reads at astronomical speed and has a knack for remembering random strings of numbers. He went to University of Warwick, where in between kayaking and scouting he studied some maths. After university he returned to Cambridge where for few years he tried to persuade classes of teenagers that maths is not scary and can be fun.


Aleks/Ola was born in Wrocław, another beautiful city, in Poland. She’s since lived all over the place – first she moved to the less pretty Warsaw, then from there to Leicester, UK. After a couple of years in Moscow she returned to Warsaw, and then after a brief stint in Rome she went to the UK again to study History and Sociology at Warwick. In-between all of this she developed a talent for languages and a love all things which are historical or outdoors. She recently worked for the Open University in student support and qualified as a teacher of English as a second language.


We first met at the Warwick Canoe club, where a mutual love of travel and cooking brought us together. In between years at university we interrailed across Europe, explored South East Asia, and backpacked around Morocco.

In July 2016 we were married in Zdunowo, and shortly after left our jobs to go travelling around the world. This blog is the record of our adventure.